Software for download

Baton Mail

Add email authentication abilities to your older email clients like Claris Emailer, Eudora Lite, or any email client that lacks it

PWD Suite

The PWD Suite is a set of software for changing email server passwords.

Name Tools

Tools for dealing with people's names

Q&D Mass Emails

Quick & Dirty Mass Email sender. Needs FileMaker Pro, Emailer 2.x, and AppleScript.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe for CfMC Survent. If you dont know what Survent is, you don't want this.

Stack Game

Block stacking game for CfMC Survent. Again, if you don't know what Survent is, you don't want this. Submitted by George Walme (give him the kudos, not me)

Mail File (Mac)
Mail File (Win)

Mail File lets you drag and drop a text file to email to people. Uses an external config file to declare the SMTP server, who it is from, and who it is to. Windows version also supports sending the file via the command line.


Jammer assembles multipart files into one file. Commonly used for multipart movie downloads from newsgroups.

SMTP Auth module

REALbasic module to provide SMTP Authentication. Requires Einhugur's e-CryptIt Engine plug in.

IBM 360 Binary Module

REALbasic module to provide reading and writing of IBM 360 Binary (80 column binary, swapped binary) data files.

Temp Reader

Opens and repairs damaged Temp Incoming Files for Claris Emailer.


REALbasic class that provides simple email sending abilities

Toggle TCP/IP

AppleScript to toggle TCP/IP off and then back on. Good for refreshing DHCP leases, or reloading a Hosts file. Requires MacOS 9 or later

AsKey Class

REALbasic class for converting text into pronouncable word representation of its ASCII characters

Habeas Headers Mail Action

Claris Emailer Mail Action for detecting and acting on Habeas Inc's anti-spam email headers. Requires Claris Emailer 2.0 or later

Date Count Class

REALbasic class for counting the total number of days or total number of work days between two dates

PowerPC Checker for OS X

This app will only run if you can run PowerPC code on your Mac. Use it to trigger the Rosetta install on Macs that support Rosetta but do not yet have it installed. That is all it is good for.

Roughly Timer

A simple count down timer. It is not completely accurate to the second, so don't use it to time items that need precision. It is good for when you need a reminder at roughly a certain time from now. You can tell it how long you want to wait in years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. When it reaches zero it will pop an alert open on screen.

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